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Halftime Adjustments Help You Win the Tax Game

One thing I really like about the fall is watching pro football. It makes Sundays very exciting, and what a fun game it is. Football a great spectator sport.

Have you ever noticed that a team that performs poorly during the first half of the game often comes out after halftime and makes the necessary adjustments to ultimately win the game? What do they talk about during halftime to make it seem like you’re watching a totally different team?

In the tax world, we’re at about halfway point. We're less than six months away from your next tax deadline. Now's the time to huddle up with your team, review your tax plan, and make any necessary adjustments to help you win the tax game.

Leave Tax Preparers on the Bench

Everyone wants to win the tax game. Nobody likes paying more than their fair share to Uncle Sam. Most people work with tax preparers. Tax preparers are reactive professionals. They come in after the year has closed and do their best with the information you have provided to them. They try to make the best results they can.

Think of a tax preparer as your two-minute drill. The tax preparer has a limited playbook, is often rushed, and simply hopes the clock doesn't run out or that you turn over the ball.

A Tax Strategist Can Be Your Tax MVP ers.

Everybody wants to win and wants their team to win. Good teams have a game plan. The game plan is discussed and communicated to all the players. It's important everybody is on the same page.

Do you think your football team would win if they did not study film, practice, and game plan for their next opposite? Probably not.

The same thing happens with your taxes. The best chance for you to win the tax game is between now and the end of the year. It's time for you to huddle up with your tax professional, review your plan, and make the necessary adjustments so you can be a winner.

No one likes surprises or to discover opportunities that were once there are no longer there because time’s run out. Now is the time for you to make those adjustments, become a winner, and beat Uncle Sam at his own game. Contact Kaiser Tax today to draft a tax strategist to your team.




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